eight models exquisite manners, send girlfriends wedding gift, high grade atmosphere

eight exquisite manners, send girlfriends wedding gift, high grade atmosphere

a wedding gift wedding gifts carbon carving

carbon carving ornaments, can effective adsorption of activated carbon, chemical gas such as formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, can rise to purify the air, adjust the indoor humidity effects, festive occasion of pattern is suitable for the wedding gift.

wedding gift bathroom supplies

made of high quality ceramic raw materials, high temperature firing, decal with gilt, elegant and delicate, wash with agreeable comedy, as a wedding gift, practical and atmosphere, as well as exquisite gift packaging.

porcelain swan ornaments wedding gift

swan was as loyal and a symbol of eternal love, in pairs, very is as a wedding gift for the occasion, swan neck slender sketched out a love, who has painted flower shape, very good furnishings.

creative couple cat ornaments

there is love of a family of three, two cats xiangyixiangwei, as well as a cute little cat, big smile on make people feel happy, as ornaments placed houses, let people enjoy ~

european vase simulation flower suit

european ears vase with raw silk floral, floral patterns colorful, placed in the living room, coupled with floral, do send girlfriends wedding gift, high grade atmosphere.

jingdezhen ceramic crafts small ornaments

cost is very good for a group of craft ornaments, there are a lot of styles, of which three deer home, kiss fish, like lovers, sika deer are very practical to do a wedding gift.

red warm lamp gift

lamp ornaments creative swan, swan will symbolize of loyalty with a combination of lighting, the moral good, festive red, romantic white lights.

bone china dishes set gift

with dishes set wedding gifts is also a very good choice, practicality and quality, this set of butterfly 28 set, the introduction of new bone china, white and bright and easy to clean, good texture.

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