don 't be a dirty car ran car wash shop, also known as pit also hurt the paint, so yourself washing, clean no scratches

don 't car ran a dirty wash, also known as pit also hurt the paint, so yourself wash, clean and free of scratches

with the improvement of people 's living conditions, a lot of families own their own a car, but the car wash conservation of what really is too costly, why don 't come alone!

use when remove dust wax drag, not only can up to clean the role of, and will also be able to paint up to the waxing effect, so that the paint is glossy.

car duster dust sweep

this duster is simple, lightweight, one hand he had also won 't feel too tired, and 360 degrees fiber surface make the fiber surface area increases, increased porosity in the fabric, through the capillary core suction effect can enhance the dust and water absorption effect, fast water absorption and quick dry become its distinct characteristics.

car wax cotton

use micro fiber brush wool, silk cotton fine soft and comfortable, not to hurt the hair loss is not easy, micro fiber silk orange petal type structure, adsorption and stain resistance easy sweep dust absorbent detergents is not strenuous, fiber fine, rich foaming, wash worry and effort, covering a large area, can be retractable stainless steel, meet the different cleaning requirements.

if a brush with no custom, that has nothing to do with it, but also could use a sponge, even sponge also can do safety no scratches oh!

car coral sponge

this paragraph honeycomb sponge coral, this water and foam will be relatively more, honeycomb design can very good to accommodate some of the stain, easily get carried away, sponge can effectively maintain moisture, increase the clarity of the lubricating effect. will not scratch the paint surface, also the most important is the comparative benefits.

car wash sponge brush long handle

pp handle design allows your hands to avoid stains pollution, more clean and sanitary, fiber sponge fabrics suitable for cleaning the surface of the glass surface, will not scratch the surface of the goods, the better of the intimate design. long handle design more make you hard science, cleaner and more convenient.

in their dealings with their own car, improvise with a simple piece of cloth can do a thing. i need a piece of sufficient dedicated soft seamless towel before they do!

super absorbent towel

this section towel synthetic deerskin finished, so soft and delicate, have great water absorption capacity; at the same time flexible incomparably, wiping absolutely without leaving any traces, deal with all kinds of glass are shoudaoqinlai. because of the good quality, can do all sorts of useful, very strong and durable, who really is the owner of good helper.

dedicated car wash cleaning towel

USING PVA material manufactured, absorbent ability good, can quickly absorb 6 times their own weight in moisture, no hair removal does not fade, do not shrink, the texture of the drying dry hardening, multipurpose use, car home, may save time and effort, with the comfortable. car wash cleaning all without leaving any traces, is in the care of your car is a good helper.

do you want a car wash on have a gun, which was also a key car wash, good gun, jin is not enough can lead to your car wash clean is not clean.

high pressure car wash water pipe

high pressure car wash water gun 8mm outlet golden ratio, pressure large, strong, clean more thoroughly in the momentum of rapid. adjustable spray, let the car much more convenient. wear resistance of the material to make gun sturdy and durable, soft plastic bag plastic feel very comfortable. ergonomic design, the liberation of hands pressure, save time and worry!

car wash water pipe water gun storage cart

own car wash words, water cannons natural is unavoidable oh, use the gun can be attained clean car wash also don 't hurt car essential. but runs another worry there was a gun, wash convenient when long pipe, runs hereafter it somehow placement, this storage rack can easily solve the problem!

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