dessert to declare the law you get it

dessert to declare the law you get it

520 festival will come right away, couples who all want to be good to send what? just this once a year, how can you made love to her opportunity to miss it ~ what things are not as warm, romantic made by yourself, especially made of desserts, to get started also more convenient, but also can reflect your warm male temperament ~

mango pudding milk 120 ml, mango 240g, whipping cream 80 ml, white sugar 50 grams, 1 pcs practice 1, gelatine gelatine with ice water softened; mango peeler is flesh, put in the blender; 2, pour in the milk sugar milk pot, small fire heated from sugar melted add whipping cream mix;

3, join the gelatine continue to small fire heated; gelatine dissolved completely after, off the fire continued to stir let its cooling; 4, milk and pour in mango, mix well; put into the cup, lid food container film, put in the refrigerator for 3 hours

arts exhibition gelatine

things very good, really good, starting with the cake come also is very good, recommended oh, also 'll come again next time.

jelly mousse glass cup

made a pudding dessert station, look cute, quality is also good. pudding cup not only can be installed, the other can also.

frozen coconut milk 40g caster sugar, corn starch 40g, light cream 100g, pure milk 250g, 1 coconut, is a rectangular container, clean and free of water, often served on a bed of desiccated coconut 2, pale cream + + powdered milk poured into the stainless steel bowl, electromagnetic furnace small fire while cooking stir until sugar melting

3, slowly pour in the milk into starch bowl after boiling, stirring constantly, fold in the coconut vinegar containers of 4, slightly cooling cover in plastic wrap and refrigerate until condensation on sprinkle a layer of coconut, gently shake the container, will release panna cotta and turning it upside down in the shop on a wrap of desiccated coconut, diced.

coconut arts exhibition

it 's particularly good, very delicious, taste good, when put into pudding, really delicious.

new zealand anchor animal whipping cream

rain, not greasy, taste is very rich, super delicious, this flavor is quite good, very good.

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