depending on vehicle maintenance 4s shop, these skin care products buy yourself more cost

depending on vehicle maintenance 4s shop, these skin care products buy yourself more cost

today 's car is more common than ever, but the car did not result in an increase in maintenance of common sense. if have some small skills, don 't have to waste money.

generally speaking, the first oil on the new car replacement within 2000 kilometres, hereafter do once per 5000 kilometres ordinary maintenance.

great wall gold gemstar car oil J700U

great wall lubricating oil, the original oil, support long oil cycle, higher utilization rate of fuel, remove the engine sediments.

car mats with water absorption, vacuuming, decontamination and can effectively prevent the soles caused by residual moisture, dirt and clutch, brake and accelerator of sliding, reduce security risks, reduce the interior of contaminated and the possibility of damage, and after all the mat cleaning more convenient, more economical than cleaning the interior.

car wire ring mat

this is a high grade models car mats blank wire loop, special car, environmental tasteless; foot feeling is very soft, color is very significant noble. waterproof moistureproof, separation of dust and dirt.

yuma wire ring car mats

this volume of car models car mats customized, shape matching, making the provision of 4s shop original car, a variety of pattern information, yuma mats in the lead in the finalization of three major upgrading of industry.

many drivers friend also don 't know the location of glass water, little friend is it plus a glass of water, have learned? own cost than 4s shop at the supermarket or shopping online a lot of it.

antifreeze glass water cleaning solution

store to buy a bottle, here we can buy two bottles of, super bargain wood there, don 't have to drive in the store, can add their own home.

super concentrated auto glass

a condensed version of the glass of water, more convenient to carry on the trunk, a group of 12 bottles, you can use a years. once you get on.

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