creative whimsy small objects, to the personality life more convenient ~

creative whimsy small objects, to the personality life more convenient ~ ~

creative vent toys sausage, feel super soft, you can pinch pull can trample abuse.

france neolid creative twist twist cup

france neolid creative shilly cup, patent design, only one is not completely sealed lid fashion travel cup, to ensure leak proof, don 't worry about can 't find a lid. convenient for office use and carry out.

without lid seal design, cup mouth can be with rotating ring closure.

The United states que scalable Fashion bottle cup, spiral shape, compressible extensible, travel and easy to carry.

United States que bottle Telescopic cup

The United states que bottle Telescopic cup, made of food grade silicone material, health and safety. can withstand the maximum temperature 150 ℃, not afraid to fall.

capsule yuqing umbrella pocket

capsule yuqing pocket umbrella, this is a paragraph only apple phone yuqing umbrella size, can be placed in pocket. double vinyl coating, science and sunscreen. lightweight and portable, put the package does not leak.

50 years old retired navy seals turned the designer, inspired from the war equipment offering trips out of rage artifact: NIID fino aslant multifunctional digital storage bag. design inspiration from exactly the was accompanied by one of his many years of service of personal equipment–gun.

UNITED STATES NIID FINO multifunction diagonal package

this was due to grab the fino package of paragraph three storage design, reasonable place, and they it is can hold the secret of also not significant fat. tablet, mobile phone, wallet, kindle, charger, data line, earphone, pen, notebook and sunglasses, all can hold, then went out, the farewell party, backpack pocket party.

aromatherapy with sleeping 3d three-dimensional small night light

this section of small night light, big function. 3d night light effect, negative ions to purify the air, aromatherapy function, also can be used as a phone holder, while at the same time can give mobile phone usb charging.

aromatherapy function, can soothing mood, relieve pressure, sedative sleep. negative ions to purify the air, creating a healthy and comfortable living environment.

intelligent remind drinking cup

smart remind drinking cup, this is a paragraph may prompt the cup to drink. hd led display screen, can display real time temperature and water, 24 hours total water intake. at the same time a day will be eight times prompts for a drink of water.

[H2] lehoo multifunctional smart glass

lehoo multifunctional smart glass, this is a paragraph can be recording can be radio, also can be used as stereo smart glass. water reminder, pill reminder, temperature display, insulation function.

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