city people will really play, balcony kinds of fruit, fruit actually a big number, rural people to understand not a

city people will really play, balcony kinds of fruit, fruit should not only big but also and more, rural women and men to understand

balcony planting some flowers alone is too monotonous, his wife on a whim bought some young trees kind of in a flower pot in, i didn 't expect to yield a big number of fruit.

good big pineapple, tropical fruit, a balcony can eat the whole family, watching the on the fun.

it 's called syzygium samarangense, singapore and malaysia in the course of a band called the water out, taiwan now has a large area of cultivation.

red pitaya potted plants

dragon fruit is very common in our daily life of a fruit, has a very high nutritional value, is a very delicious fruit, and i believe that a lot of people like to eat, as in our balcony plant pot pitaya, let you eat your fill, and it also has a lower blood pressure, lowering blood lipid, moistening lung, the efficacy of detoxification, beauty.

cherry seedlings fruit tree grafting

we are all aware of the cherry on the nutritional value is very high, and the market price is very expensive, it is better to plant some cherry it yourself at home, let you could eat fruit, rich in cherry vitamin, can complement our lack of vitamins, and as well as the effectiveness of beauty.

the figs and suitable for planting in balcony, good feed, very much fruit, sweet taste.

potted fig fruit trees

balcony empty very monotonous, it is better to place on a bowl of fruit plants, make you beautiful and practical coexist, figs and believe that everyone likes to eat, it is a kind of fruit, sweet and sour, for us gut has very good help, digestion and stomach, planted to a basin at home it 's so there has never been a better.

garden fruit tree seedlings cherries

small cherries might have great role, it can alleviate eye fatigue, protect eyesight, cherries With vitamin a grape, apple, orange and more than 4 ~ more than 5 times. for a long time in the office or at home and using a computer can easily lead to eye myopia, so cherries is to protect the eyesight of excellent fruit.

saw it on the thought of " journey to the west " in the pig eating this fruit has, it looks very lovely, a balcony as well as great ornamental value.

grape fruit tree seedlings courtyard

there are different varieties of grapes, grape special big, and rich nutrition, make up of grape role and benefits of liver and kidney qi and blood is particularly good, and at the same time it is also a good appetizer role, in our courtyard planted with vines, can very good adornment our patio, but also can be made available for us autumn edible.

four seasons strawberry seedlings

strawberry is each and every one of us likes to eat fruit, sweet and sour, not only taste good, the appearance of also very beautiful, and rich in various nutrients, all ages, in a courtyard on a a very convenient that we eat, and the survival rate is good, easy cultivation.

inside of it contains fiber and sanso can solve the accumulated visceral, qingzao runchang pass stool, is there is heat in the lung, stomach heat most suitable edible fruit. other experts carambola or cure sore throat. balcony planting carambola don 't see a doctor.

blueberry seedlings

blueberry very rich in nutritional value, and tastes especially good, sweet and tasty, all ages, each and every one of us are fond of fruit, blueberry tree planted at home, we can often eat to the blueberry, can play the role of eye protection, have excellent eyesight role, known as the eye treasure.

jackfruit seedlings of malaysia

supermarket sell jackfruit is very expensive, if your own home which has one 's better, so jackfruit can grow in pots of inside, inside also can grow in the yard. a year on, next year also can result has subsidiaries.

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