changdou looking for who? of course is to find qing bei honey, give you the most professional acne recommendations

changdou looking for who? of course is to find bei honey clear, give you the most professional acne recommendations

bei honey pure pox qing yan essence gel

this paragraph yan repair net pox essence gel, especially for sensitive skin of sister paper use, excluding spices pigment mineral oil alcohol, very mild, won 't produce side effects, natural moisturizing cream.

white emulsion texture, very moist, use after not greasy, fried chicken water a paragraph of water and milk! particularly suitable for use in the summer.

bei honey cleansing face essence set

this section cleansing essence set, is a cleansing gel + repair cream gel, it is very good repair light combination, soothing blain blain muscle, deep clean the skin, inhibit melanin, and to make it fade.

can let you say goodbye to him from the skin, while at the same time will not lead to rub mud, also can a solid skin 's moisture barrier, easily absorbed, not greasy four seasons can be used.

bei honey clean yan repair pox mask

this paragraph yan repair net pox mask, suitable for oily skin, is net pox weapon, comfortable flat pox, and make skin tender and delicate, herbal ingredients which can brighten skin color, moisturizing.

fade acne repair skin, repair can be nourishing ingredient active essence channel them to the roots of blain blain, effectively repair acne, also you a soft and smooth skin.

bei honey pure pox oil control water conditioning

this paragraph net pox oil control toner, suitable for young people use, slightly thick texture, very easy push, very comfortable on the face, after absorbing more refreshing, moisturizing effect is very good.

can soften skin, dredge pores, improve acne, uniform color, in the skin surface to form a protective film, to reduce skin contamination of opportunities.

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