cat owners should be aware of a number of small common sense, addressed to you cat lovers

cat owners should be aware of a number of small common sense, addressed to you cat

if you want to let your cats successfully adapt to the new environment, first coated with a layer of claw meow meow love to eat sauce, and then bring it to the new environment. so it will be in licking paws when slowly adapting to a new environment, won 't because all of a sudden into unfamiliar environment and panic.

cat star people like flowing water, or are out of touch with their food and water. so try to put food and water in open oh, conditional can be to their own buy a cat meow dedicated drinkers.

if there is peculiar smell cat litter in words, you can put a handful of dried leaf inside, both won 't get rid of the cat the smell of itself, but also exudes a fragrance of tea can make the cat litter.

meow star people most is lactose intolerant, so don 't give them a drink milk! they also can 't eat sweets, even likes to eat and you spoiled, also no mercy to the it looks delicious.

if you have a total love meow star people before the block in your computer, can put beside a carton, no cats can refuse to carton. so you wouldn 't worry about it impede your ability to work it.

cheese cat ornaments cute meow star people micro landscape

like the cat who how can without a few cat home furnishing it. meng meng small cheese cat ornaments, can be placed on the computer desk, lovely and interesting.

jingdezhen ceramic creative cute cat ornaments

cat lovers plum, suitable for cat ornaments placed on the table. the legend of a cat has nine lives, meaning with longevity, cat lovers also symbolizes love long long time.

cat star people 's curiosity is very strong, they also like to look out of the window, a lot of times also watch spellbound. so think about your window to meow ready one can stay in place, make it look out the window, but if live floors then, it is necessary to pay attention to safety protective, don 't let the cat out of the window throw out to oh.

pet cat cartoon children 's room bedroom wall stickers

if you have small children at home like a kitten 's words, in some adorable cat wall stickers children 's room also is a good choice. simple and lovely, very playful.

festive decoration magnetic stickers refrigerator stickers chinese style ceramic lucky cat

looks very good fortune of smiley lucky cat, ceramic material, could be posted on the refrigerator, can be attached to the wall, cute also does not occupy space.

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