" brief encounter " of homemade snacks, challenge your taste buds, i don 't live up to expectations with mouth water

" brief encounter " of homemade snacks, challenge your taste buds, i don 't live up to expectations with mouth water

classic changsha tofu

at the beginning of a smell stink, entrance crispy of changsha tofu. using exclusive sauce recipes, soup juice rich, spicy fresh into the throat, sufficient to satisfy the food goods are of taste buds.

prime cattle ligament spicy spicy

soft and chewy taste of cattle ligament article, using preferably chili, pepper and other more than twenty kinds of spices, through multiple processes flavored, every one, every bite contains the memory of childhood.

devil spicy spicy snack vegetarian duck

a high fiber, low calorie vegetarian duck devil. entrance to the delicious delicious, Q bomb slip, chewy, using the selected ingredients, making it taste more exquisite.

tsai broadsword spicy meat

rest assured used preferably raw materials, soft texture thin transparent color, soft mouth fragrant, memorable, a a, enough to tease your taste buds.

from hot lazy convenient hot

not plugged in, don 't use the fire, a lazy pot from heat, real beef, preferably of vegetables, let you anytime anywhere feel authentic sichuan tasty.

okra chips casual snacks 2 bags of instant

using high quality varieties of okra, selection of ingredients ingredients, carefully manufactured, imported crispy, enough to tease your sense of taste.

spicy bean curd silk nostalgic snack bar

a spicy hunan specialty pingjiang pisi, selection of fresh soybean, using the traditional process of graphite, and as a result of tolerane of manufactured, gently take a bite, delicious slowly released in the taste buds, so that you experience a different taste of childhood.

spicy beef jerky individually packaged in bulk

choice of raw beef, bite on a port, to make you feel mellow flavor, taste fragrant lips and teeth. made by the traditional production process, full of flavor, bring you endless aftertaste.

leisure snacks 4 bags preserved pork

paragraph smoked and preserved pork, selection of high quality hindquarters, using the eighteen flavor spices, natural drying production process and into, let the palate is a strong smell.

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