birth is just around the corner, early motherhood don 't get flustered, simple package to be produced to avoid waste money

birth is just around the corner, early motherhood don 't get flustered, simple package to be produced to avoid flowers wronged money

early motherhood, it will surely love spread, new mom don 't conveniently busy taking care of the baby, has just experienced delivery your more requirements of the weak, to replenish their energy, in order to take care of the baby.

yunnan maternal month of manual soil brown sugar

yunnan old brown sugar, water filter no residue, clean and sanitary, traditional handmade craft brewed and into, color natural pure, authentic taste, cutting said small squares, each put one piece, very convenient.

pregnant women postpartum disposable panties

independent sealed packaging, prevent apart after contamination of other panties, by temperature ultraviolet disinfection, clean and hygienic, using the woven fabrics, cotton crotch bottom, more secure, and comfortable to wear.

pregnant woman October, towards the birth, it 's going to end immediately before and during a long and happy, mothers in look forward to a small baby is born of the package to be produced at the same time ready?

pregnant women puerperal pad disposable bed sheets

flexible absorbent and difficult to break, the use of natural bamboo, environmental protection and health, soft honeycomb, dry and no leakage, 126 soothing decompression color profiles, never relaxed in the memories of motherhood.

maternal disposable toothbrush soft gauze month

disposable toothbrush clean health, individually wrapped, delicate filling, soft and comfortable, prevent scratching the gums, comes with natural toothpaste mouthguard, cool mint flavor, fresh breath, sea salt contains a variety of natural minerals, clean oral better effect.

attached very great importance to chinese people to confinement, confinement may not catch cold catch cold, cold at the causes of the epidemic, so i must take good care of yourself in a month.

summer thin section cotton month of breastfeeding pajamas set

comfortable cotton fabric, cool and comfortable, good air permeability, not zhanshen, very humane words design invisible nursing mouth, convenient for your baby without embarrassment, waist adjustable elastic band design, relaxed freely adjustable, very convenient for pregnant fashion wear.

month package with soft bottom shoes

the new month of shoes, light and comfortable, foot feeling very comfortable, tests touch soft, do not hurt the floor, cotton, absorbent breathable, slip resistant bottom, safe and comfortable.

baby sleep well is the key, can directly affect his growth, the arrival of the baby, many of the new mom a little muddled, don 't know where to start.

cotton baby clothes supplies encyclopedia set

baby book, to meet the various needs of the baby, cotton fabrics, comfortable none burden, the baby 's skin very delicate, boneless sewing process, cotton care of the baby soft skin.

temperature BOTTLE PPSU wide caliber bottle newborn

temperature automatic bottle, using the GERMAN PPSU material, safe, transparent, solid, healthy and secure, shaped into stomata, and sucking easily, soft silicone nipple, soft and comfortable, smooth surface, prevent lips.

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