also with south korea skin care products? these models made in china cheap skin care products all is quality

still using korean skincare? these models made in china cheap skin care products all is quality

in recent years, the advent of han chao, a lot of people choose to " pure plant " of korean skincare. but actually made skin care products is also very easy to use.

薇诺娜舒敏moisturizing cream

it should be a lot of sensitive skin of fairies know a brand! sometimes to go to the hospital, the doctor will give you such a frost it ~

fong chi net cleansing cream

this is a pure amino acid series cleansing, washing is not tight, also does not irritate the skin, very mild, and also contains soothing ingredients. daily clean enough.

little fairies for pure makeup every day, actually don 't have to spend every day with a clean power is too strong for facial milk, of course has more don 't need makeup. as long as a mild facial cleanser on the good.

of course, perhaps there are those who think only brand abroad is good, but really don 't know we know where we have purchasing, nor Taobao fly shop. so with this, it is better to buy it easy to use and reliable domestic production of skin care products.

tamasawa barrier repair cream milk

now is the season when, skin the more unstable, it is easy to have allergies. this section repair milk can effectively repair skin barrier, stability in the skin.

start early care face cream

early start sort of jahwa has over the past few years to do better. although it is baby with creams, but for adults that is also acceptable.

so, a lot of times don 't blindly worship foreign products, made of old brand is also very good oh ~ ~

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