also for the face long spot changdou troubles? 8 kinds of foods to help you repair the skin, acne beauty

still face long spot changdou troubles? 8 kinds of foods to help you repair the skin, acne beauty

black wolfberry longan red dates tea

want good skin, blood is the fundamental, this combination of tea, dates can hematopoietic, longan qi, easily keep a good color, thereby conditioning the skin.

herbal tea pingyin rose

roses it there were clear and the removal of freckle, there is at the same time, beauty, antiphlogistic, throat the characteristics of, it could adopt internal conditioning, make the skin smooth and supple.

wild chrysanthemum natural raw honey 500g

honey has been a star, women favorite a beauty food, honey should not promote acne, the opposite also can prevent acne, make skin smooth soft, both oral and topical that can let the skin smooth and supple.

osmanthus black 260g

brown sugar and brown sugar containing special ingredients " molasses ", has a strong " detoxify " effects, can will get rid of his excess melanin is derived from the dermal layer, excreted through lymphatic tissues of the body, from the source to prevent the formation of melanin. brown sugar water and topical can also perform maintenance on the skin.

yunnan tea trees wild rice 90 grams of/bags

saponins have yangxin tongmai, liver eyesight, spleen kidney intestinal diuretic, expectorant resuscitation, hydrophobic, skin beauty, refreshing qi and other effects. water heating expansion, glial translucent, cephalostachyum mouthwatering, is to reconcile the body organs function of precious pure green natural nourishing food.

dried lemon herbal tea

lemon vitamin content is extremely rich, lemon water is therefore of beauty to share, can prevent and eliminate skin pigmentation hyperpigmentation, play the role of whitening, lemon with honey drink and rejuvenator.

remove beans barley flour meal replacement powder

red bean barley has been the dampness detoxification of natural foods, but it can make skin smooth, reduce wrinkles, to eliminate the effectiveness of pigment spots. has obvious curative effect for facial acne and rough skin. very good meal food, convenient and delicious.

imported german chamomile

many skin care products contain ingredients chamomile, this is because the chamomile can adjust the skin color, improve the brightness of the skin, especially for allergic skin can have very good effect. so drink lots of chamomile tea, it means that can comprehensively improve skin from the inside to the outside of the skin, ladies beauty can not miss it oh!

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