also for the baby don 't love bath plague? creative cute toy shower, let your baby and instantly fell in love with a bath

also beset in bath for baby don 't love? creative cute toy shower, let your baby and instantly fell in love with a bath

baby bath toy sunflowers

sunflower leaf using environmentally friendly soft material soft no smell. put the water ball and water pipes of 2/3 put into the water, press the button, it will spray the ~ let the baby no longer afraid to wash ~ ~

rhubarb duck baby shower electric water toys

when is the baby bath duck meng meng 's favorite oh ~ it can switch rotating nozzle water way, and can rotate walk oh ~ sealed battery compartment to prevent water, let the baby play ~ ~

children electric submarine shower

made of high quality environmentally friendly abs plastic production, fine grinding by dozens of processes. surface smooth and delicate, color pure and natural. safe and nontoxic environmental green ~ lovely submarine, personality of the nozzle, let the baby happy bath ~ ~

children 's toys shower faucet

elastic switch, built-in spring, no rebound force toggle switch, protect organism within the sensitivity of motor switch degrees, make power supply normal functioning. motor (system pumping) after open the power supply motor starting will be added on to the treatment of the water in the pool delivery, waterproof design, mother don 't worry electric power to hurt the baby!

starfish baby toys electric showers

small starfish cute and fun into the water, press the switch, top emitting 7 root water column, and make the wreath rotating, very fun ~ ~

bread superman shower bath water

baby in the bath gel in water outside the site will feel cold, household shower straight shower baby water the more haste, easy to get choked with baby and splashing water easily, bread superman shower is entirely its own cycle, direct absorption within the shower water leaching into the tub and then converted to, don 't worry about water temperature difference, the real small baby bath artifact.

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