after the ching ming festival, new listing, for goods for which a few models of green tea ganxiang alcohols

after the ching ming festival, new listing, for goods for which a few models of green tea ganxiang alcohols

one of china 's top ten tea biluochun, belonging to the green tea in the top grade. green tea without fermentation, a kind of tea drinking the most widely in china, it is characterized by clear soup leaf green, fragrance glycol.

2017 new tea biluochun green tea

biluochun green tea is produced in suzhou taihu lake, the money is for section 125g two cans. biluochun tea color fresh, mellow tea soup.

2017 new tea longjing green tea before rain authentic

2017 spring new tea market, west lake longjing tea 500g bulk, this is belong to old patrons of tea. this section tea looks a little less, but the taste is very good, old patrons certainly know, is a paragraph the high price of affordable loaded green tea.

2017 new high cost of longjing green tea, it belongs to producing farmers direct. as the first of china 's top ten tea, high visible status of longjing green tea, tea 's fine.

2017 mingqian new tea buxus tippy bud

early spring new tea market, catty installed buxus green tea, this tea produced in the beautiful scenery of mount emei. buxus green tea soup clear brew, taste mellow.

2017 buds xinyang maojian new tea green tea before rain

xinyang mao jian is known as the king of green tea, the money is for two cans of buds before rain 250g. xinyang maojian tea hao more, color green, sweet and full of.

tea british hailed: healthy liquid, the spirit drink. in our country is known as the " national drink ". modern science and a large number of research confirms, tea does contain ingredients with closely related to human health, the main ingredient is such as tea polyphenols, caffeine, lipopolysaccharide.

2017 new tea huang shan mao feng

huang shan mao feng tea 2017 spring sale, mao feng tea color yellow green bright, green in through the yellow, taste of alcohol.

the national drink of tea, has a long history, a lot of action. tea not only has a refreshing qingxin, qingre, digestion phlegm, to greasy weight loss, detoxification hangover, pharmacological effects such as thirst, eyesight pathogenic fire; also for modern disease, such as radiation sickness, heart and brain vascular diseases such as, there is a certain pharmacological efficacy.

2017 new shifeng west lake longjing

shifeng west lake longjing dragon well spring tea, 250g green tea mingqian premium paper.

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