a woman wearing a silver bracelet, just for the sake of beautiful? you underestimated the wisdom of the ancestors had

woman wearing a silver bracelet, just for the sake of beautiful? you underestimated the wisdom of the ancestors

in li in the " compendium of materia medica " records, the silver have ann five dirty, peace of mind of god, only fright and other health effects, in addition to evil, according to modern medicine: silver can inflammation sterilization, detoxification regimen, longevity, long-term use, can have the effect of accelerating the role of metabolism, enhance immunity. have everything to gain and without any harm to health oh

bracelet peach blossom cherry bracelets

manufacture of 925 sterling silver, flower shape is very vivid and exquisite, bracelet body has dealt with but not too rough texture, sterling silver with gold plating for whole, wear it feel very fashion, gives people a kind of small fresh feeling oh

bamboo silver bracelet opening

this is a bamboo shaped silver bracelet, elegant and restrained integration laser engraving natural elements more diversifiedlifestyle of the literature and art temperament, stars shine surface, open design can freely adjust the size

silver is tried to poison the best metals, the human body emits some " toxin " on a daily basis, wearing silver lead to blacken can be attributed to ensure water is not bad, also can go to wet refers to employment is the rheumatism, in addition to hot and humid.

fashion simple silver bracelet

s990 silver bracelet, full mirror polishing, make this paragraph bracelet with silver funky reiki, simple and elegant, durable new bright. but behind free text engraved bracelet oh, whispering between couples, the friendship between friends, let do witness of love friendship bracelet paragraph!

women silver bracelet is very beautiful, but there may also be advantages to the body. silver contains silver ions, silver ion has a strong bactericidal effect, it would be highly beneficial to the human body.

more than fine ring ring fine silver bracelet

the use of advanced technology equipment, meticulously, repeatedly polished, rounded and comfortable skin care. whether you are outspoken or sweet, or gentle and elegant, this paragraph bracelet all interpretation of the modern woman different style, with a variety of styles, and indulge variety self

nine 990 silver bracelet plum

mei symbolizes a strong spirit of optimism, plum branches and elegant, and it is a very old fashion beautiful restrained temperament, very suitable for young girls! hope every girl can be a strong life

legend wear silver can ward off evil spirits, so let baby wear is very ancient silver bracelet custom, both conducive to rid the body of " fetotoxic " also to play the role of evil. silver products in a certain range can produce magnetic field, the release of a large number of silver ions, excitation energy, to the human body with health care efficacy.

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