A Summary: The Sad Political Meme-War Between Virender Sehwag And A 20-Year-Old DU Student

Last year, 20-year-old Delhi University student Gurmehar Kaur did a video with Facebook page Voice of Ram to support the campaign #ProfileForPeace.

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The campaign aimed to promote peace between India and Pakistan wherein Indians put up profile pictures with the Pakistani flag and vice versa. In the video, Kaur invoked her father who was a slain army captain to make a point about the consequences of war.

On February 22, Ramjas college in Delhi saw violent clashes break out between the BJP student organisation, ABVP, and other students of the college.

The violence was sparked because the ABVP was protesting the college inviting JNU students, Umar Khalid and Shehla Rashid, for a talk.

On February 24, Kaur uploaded this picture to protest the violence.

Soon after, this screenshot from last year’s video started making the rounds.

What initially started off as her being called “anti-national”…

… Soon became a meme fueled by internet trolls.

Yesterday, Virender Sehwag added to the memes by tweeting this image of himself.

Actor Randeep Hooda also retweeted the image.

Hooda’s mother, Asha Hooda, is a member of the BJP.

In response, journalist Shekhar Gupta defended Kaur by shutting down Hooda and Sehwag.

On seeing Hooda call her a “political pawn”, Kaur had a short and succinct reply.

People have been lauding Kaur for standing up for herself, despite being only 20.

However, the meme shows no signs of dying at the moment.

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