a couple of nice clothes, let your baby have a beautiful summer

a couple of nice clothes, let your baby have a beautiful summer

water melon summer set

chest exquisite full sense of hierarchy of the watermelon patch ~ 3 layer gauze + 1 layer of soft feel quality cotton lining, don 't have to worry about sweating after hot upset it, breathability and comfort is very good.

small floral gauze dress

very a paragraph of the romantic small skirt, the very texture of the pompon veil, only beautiful to describe it it, covered with cherry embroidered flowers, blooming out appeared to be particularly touching sense of colorful, create out of the elegant princess temperament, beautiful, do fashion focus.

fly sleeve bow dress

lined with cotton, outer yarn pompon, have the effect of organza, but soft than it some, pole canopy, too xian qi has very beautiful fly sleeve on both sides, the back is also very nice, bow is very upper body super large princess, very like ~

plaid leisure suit

wm beautiful qipao short sleeve + skirt, coat is a two layer of cotton, permeability is very good, wearing not stuffy, three pieces of plate buttons more convenient to wear off, of moderate length skirt underlines the baby legs curve.

refreshing summer suit

clothes and trousers all is fabric soft, floral pattern shirt with very nice, as well as a circle is very nice skirt, main is behind there is a bow oh, trousers is elastic belt, fat thin baby are manageable oh ~

animal embroidery sundress bars

korean style embroidery fly sleeve and skirt, have designed a dress, was thin vertical stripes, who aspire to the baby is slim, isn 't it?

cartoon embroidered cardigan dress

fresh and natural color of a dress, cute kitten embroidery embellishment, full of playful skirt exquisite embroidery. material comfortable skin summer recommended models ~

navy wind stripe dress

cotton navy style shirt skirt, very fresh and simple. can be worn alone, can also be down with a leggings to wear, very beautiful, fresh, clean, fashion.

cartoon embroidery soft denim strap dress

pure washed cotton, thin section, soft denim, ponies and exquisite embroidery flower skirt very beautiful, gourd buckle straps, adjustable design, convenient and durable, take A pieces simple t-shirt, simple clean and stylish, it was in europe and america fan oh.

rose flowers short sleeve t-shirt dress

a paragraph of small sexy suits, t-shirt length is long, sweater dress with more or less, we take the time to is folded up, chest rose dyeing very eye catching, very nice. clothes and skirt can separate with other clothing oh, high cost.

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