8 paragraph super meng fleshy, radiation new meng pet on the desk

8 models super adorable fleshy, desk radiation new meng pet

fiona office plants

fiona, more plump, rosette of leaves and a central stellate, a good long time leaves purple or light purple color.

new pendant succulents

as if it 's just grown out of the grapes, like one a plump and rich of water, which makes people look very comfortable. at the same time this section more meat is very good training, strong vitality, even a novice you also able to support oh!

dahe jin indoor radiation fleshy

daiwa tournament, on a white background red edge collocation, very lovable, give an impression of the feeling, uplift has an arc on the leaves, and make yourself extra cute, really takes away people eyeball ~

peaches radiation fleshy

like peaches like sweet appearance, special thick fleshy, round, plant presents a beautiful light pink, give people fresh feeling of freshness.

oiran [bear boy] more meat

like the bear 's paw clatter as the appearance of, which makes people look like a feel, maomao very lovely.

office potted red gem more meat

rosette of leaves and slender spoon shaped shaped arrangement, plump and smooth leaves, usually for green, by the light after will become a beautiful red, because of the red the most like is people called ruby gemstones, super beautiful.

succulents do snow

onslow such crassulaceae echeveria succulents, round shaped leaves and lotus shaped arrangement, color changeable, tender green, yellow and orange or pink are likely, therefore is known as candy like color

green succulents

blade color from light blue to the green, an associate of the jelly color, leaves along the sun easy red, flower period in the spring, open the small yellow flowers, looks like a name like dream

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