8 kinds of high fiber and low on a treasure card breakfast, another row of poisoning caused by fat burning slimming

8 kinds of high fiber and low on a treasure card breakfast, another row of poisoning caused by fat burning slimming

bazhen powder nutrition cereals breakfast meal replacement powder

in the spring of moist, damp invasion. there are quite a lot of spleen, bazhen powder soak a cup every day, spleen and stomach to wet swelling and good health.

dates wolfberry powder meal replacement powder cereals

red bean barley is to wet the best effect. often eat dates wolfberry powder, can blood and beauty, rich in iron can make popular color rosy red, if women who regularly eat beans, can promote blood circulation, enhance physical strength, improve the body the effectiveness of the immune system.

red bean barley powder meal replacement powder dampness

to deal with the wet body, can choose to eat some spleen diuretic foods. to a bowl of red bean barley flour, two minutes can brew a good nutritious breakfast, remove the the effect of body moisture is more leverage. a bowl of every day, it also can lose weight.

black sesame walnut powder black rice beans

black sesame walnut powder black rice beans useful in liver, kidney, blood, moistening, ufa, the role of beauty, is an excellent health and beauty food.

konjac vegetable enzyme powder

konjac vegetable enzyme powder, rich in dietary fiber, runchang catharsis, can effectively drained body waste and toxin. slimming effect is also very good.

500gx3 glutinous rice grain tank gorgon barley meal replacement powder

own transport of moisture is due to spleen insufficient capacity of moisture, which leads to the accumulation of body moisture. recuperated from the inside, let the dampness evil will never come back again. gorgon barley grain glutinous rice meal replacement powder warm spleen and stomach, can get rid of moisture

500g * 3 cans of black rice paste breakfast cereals meal replacement powder

black rice paste bowel lungs, spleen appetizer, for constipation gastrointestinalä¹¹of friends, this is a very good meal replacement powder.

dates wolfberry tea 500g * 3 cans cereals oat meal replacement powder

oat meal cereals dates wolfberry powder efficacy consists primarily of dampness, able to get rid of body moisture, very suitable for summer and body moisture heavier people are eating. can eat a, is to share of spleen dampness. it also has a good laxative, help lose weight

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