8 car supplies multifunctional and practical paragraph, beautiful and fantastic, you know car man " brief encounter "

8 car supplies multifunctional and practical paragraph, beautiful and fantastic, you know car man " brief encounter "

as china entered the automobile after, buying a car is a very frequent thing, for man said, just bought a new car just like yourself for a second wife, always wanted to for it on some fantastic of car products.

leopard ornaments car perfume seat perfume

this paragraph leopard car perfume seat smell fresh light fragrance, let your car air fresher, effective odor removal, styling on the car also can highlight domineering man charm. it gave the friend also great to just buy a new car.

car oxygen bar air purifier haze is contained in

smoking in the car will leave a thick smoke flavor, it may wish to put a car air purifier, it can negative ion efficient purification system, bring you the silent air purification experience.

there is a vehicle for driving at night, has long been the norm, and as a result of night by to the vision effect, easily hidden danger of the emergence of a security, thus requiring a owner in nocturnal equipment installed on the car.

myopia polarized sunglasses clip day and night

often at night driving beam lamp driving will let the car blinding moment, or preparing a vice goggles it, allow yourself to avoid injury is high beam lights at night.

car led laser anti chasing tail lights

subject to sight of impact, one not careful will be after the car rear, it 's best to give consumers install a laser anti chasing tail, make it more high warning after car, so as to avoid with the car too tight.

when driving, will inevitably want to answer the phone or using a mobile navigation, but with your hand phone drive isn 't always safe, here are of course car products to install in the car.

magnetic car phone holder outlet

prepare a car phone holder in the car, it can make you feel at ease driving, navigation and more convenient, 360 ° adjustable knob, convenient for their own use, can better safeguard of road safety.

car charger cigarette lighter one with two

mobile phone doesn 't have electricity in traffic on the way may be trouble, or preparing a car charger it, two A USB charging port, can charge two different electronic devices, let your mobile phone at any time full of electricity.

novice owner always frightened when reversing, worried about the risk of accidentally installed in the wall or on the road teeth, put the car paint to the scratch.

super clear rimless small round mirror blind spot mirror

or you need to install a reversing small round mirror, 360 degree swivel caster angle, let you have a vast the field of vision, to avoid blind spot.

car vacuum cleaner inflatable pump

this section car air pump inflatable, tire pressure detection for the car to quickly, and at the same time it is also a vehicle vacuum cleaners, effortlessly remove the car dust stains.

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