6 of the one with the " addiction " models chi tide car products

6 of the one with the " addiction " models chi tide car products

china 's development is getting better now, a lot of people have bought the car. but even older drivers, to buy a car when you 've reasonable choice of some practical car products, to make driving more comfortable, today small make up just now to introduce to you a couple of more popular car products.

in the car and receive calls always unsafe, but also does not allow.

car mp3 player bluetooth

this section car multimedia player, you can use a bluetooth speakerphone, and clear sound, compact and lightweight, let you in the car also can feel the passion of music.

a car charger with two

drive out the, mobile phone doesn 't have electricity has really will be urgent the dead. such a provision can only charger easy to you to solve problems, plug and play, convenient and quick.

driving for a long time will always be yaosuanbeiteng, what do i do?

electric lumbar massage

mitigation of back muscle fatigue and soreness in the drive, effectively promote blood circulation, active on the back muscles. don 't let the drive to become a painful thing.

magnetic car phone holder

this paragraph can be mobile phone car phone holder solid in the car on the center console, easy riders who handed operation map navigation, handsfree calls get a key.

in the lanes of the way a tire is a terrible thing, a lot of data indicate that, in high speed 70% of accidents are caused by the abnormal tire pressure, tire pressure monitoring, there is a need to.

solar power car tire pressure monitoring

this section tire pressure detector can not ONLY USE USB charging, as well as solar charging function, let you in real time understanding of the tire pressure, to ensure that travel safety.

four car vacuum cleaner

four of the efficacy of this is a vacuum cleaner, it can not only dust, also can give up the tyres by, let the road safety index higher.

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