4S shop won 't tell you to keep a baby, every day with maintenance of the master, recommended collection

of 4s shop didn 't tell you to keep a baby, every day with maintenance of the master, recommended collection

if you are like me, i always thought i buy a car easy to keep a difficult, but be sure to don 't, until when want to fix it, and they want to remember and maintenance of yo, that there would be trouble, this no small part here was found a few models, 4s shop may not tell you to keep a baby, for the maintenance of the master are every day with it.

this season driving, air conditioning is certainly and ultimately, that for a long time without cleaning words, inside the dingy and bacteria causing great harm, especially the elderly and children, thus a automotive air conditioning cleaning agent is needed.

automotive air conditioning cleaning agent

has the very good deodorant sterilization of this paragraph, automotive air conditioning cleaning agent, special security fresh, also immune to peculiar smell trouble.

micro car scratch repair wax polishing wax

detergency strong this paragraph, repair car scratch wax polishing, not only can rapidly to scratch, and remove the oxide layer is also very good.

you may not know, the engine in the course of her work, but will cause very serious wear and tear, 4S shop won 't tell you, it may wish to get ready, this overall use of maintenance of the master, internal engine cleaner it.

[H2] m internal engine cleaner

automobile engine might want to maintenance, and this paragraph internal engine cleaner, can very good remove carbon deposits, but also can remove greasy mud prevent wear and tear.

car paint scratch repair since

like this, pearl white black silver paint pen up, can more easily be addressed through color does not match the problem, also can be very good to prevent corrosion.

in the process of cleaning, is not met, the ordinary towel water absorption rate is too low because the, there will be hair loss situation, whereas a deerskin towel large thick paragraph, is able to oh very good solutions to these problems.

long-term car windshield fogging agent

below is this paragraph, automotive long-term windshield fogging agent, it is very convenient to use them, not only can endurance ability, but also can safe traveling.

thick synthetic chamois towel

good water absorption of this paragraph, large thick chamois towel, green colors also no smell, more with characteristics of is not easy to fade.

turns out your window in the use process, as a result of the entry of dust and other dirt, easily lead to a window, difficulties such as voice or lift, then prepared, maintenance of the master of every day with this paragraph, car window lubricant it.

car wipers fixer

safe and fast for this models, car wiper repair device, more can in each on a rainy day, your escort, maintenance of the master more love it.

[H2] m car power windows lubricant

finally came to look like this, car electric windows lubricant, more can be set up to prevent mrtomated, ageing and cracking of the role, but also can remove noise.

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