4 Cats Answer Some VERY Important Questions

The Cats:

1. “Why can’t I touch your paws? Really though — why?”

Stinky: The real question, human, is why you keep trying. How do YOU like it when we touch YOUR paws with our claws?

2. “Why don’t you like dog?”

Crackles: Dog has no control over drool.

POTUS: Dog thinks bed is his.

Stinky: Dog is obsessed with butts.

3. “How come you only wanna play when I really need to finish my work?”

Ravioli: You look so cute when you’re all determined and stuff, human.

4. “How are you not bald?”

POTUS: Sounds like you’re just jealous because you’re bald, like everywhere.

5. “Is there glue on your paws? What’s the deal?”

Ravioli: No, that’s classified information — and get over it, two legs.

6. “And, are you always wearing secret rocket shoes?”

POTUS: We’re just better than you.

Crackles: Yeah. Grow a tail, homosapien.

7. “Do you have feelings for curtain?”

Stinky: HUMAN! STAHP! We’re just friends!

Ravioli: No — but, who’s asking?

Crackles: *winks* ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

8. “What’s the deal with string?”

Ravioli: String is wayyyy better than ice cream.

9. “Why do you chew on wires?”

Ravioli: Dude, you stick a rod of plastic in your mouth twice a day and fill your mouth with crazy-looking rabies foam, and I’m not asking you any questions.

Crackles: Because it makes you FREAK. OUT.

10. “So, like, what kinda music are you into?”

POTUS: Save it for your Tinder date, loser.

Did you attack the pack of Temptations Treats?

Video available at: http://youtube.com/watch?v=leV-FnfUIrg.

Illustration created by Danielle Cenata/BuzzFeed.

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