30 men after don 't innocently drink boiled water, add a little water every day, liver healthier

man 30 after don 't innocently drink boiled water, add a little water every day, the liver more health

eight health tea tribute tea tonic drive fatigue

babao tea, people like to use in the northwest in the history of the evolution of the covered way drinking, so also called " three tea ". it tasted sweet and delicious, taste unique, and there is yin and lungs, throat clearing lihou the effect of.

talk runhou cha camellia

men bad liver, lungs are the bad, smoke and haze brought it is direct injury to the lung and breathing road, resistance haze injury of clearing the lungs qingxin jasmine tea is very necessary, this section by fruited sterculia, licorice such as a variety of herbal qingfei lungs to create the taste of tea is very suitable for spring.

nursing throat throat tea chrysanthemum tea sterculia honeysuckle

big fat seafood sweet, cold gray, a little poison. owned by the lung, large intestine by. a clearing lung heat, the throat, the effect of detoxification, laxative. smog has led to urban populations of a more serious nature, smokers, panda hai can often drink jasmine tea.

cassia seed tea eyesight tea

liver tea is a tea to the liver and has a very good maintenance of the role. for fatty liver, alcoholic liver has a good healing, drinking this tea, can reach lowering blood pressure, hypoglycemic, qi and blood, soften blood vessels, lungs and expectorant, liver qi, detoxification, liver and other effects.

black sesame walnut powder black powder

black beans in trace elements such as zinc, copper, magnesium, molybdenum, selenium, and be used to delay human aging, reduce blood viscosity. black sesame seed of sweet flat, have liver or kidney, run the role of internal organs, as a result of the liver and kidney vertigo caused by insufficient blood, white hair, hair loss, yaoxisuanruan, intestinal dry constipation and other more good diet health role.

chrysanthemum tea chrysanthemum tire ju wang

" compendium of materia medica " said: its micro cold of taste, slightly sweet, with scattered wind heat, liver the effect of eyesight. hangzhou white chrysanthemum菊甙, rich in amino acids and a variety of vitamins and trace elements, with liver eyesight, clear fire, solution of dryness of the role, and thus reach its people was lost in the role of calmness, drink before going to bed a cup, can sleep oh

eight treasure tea herbal

by the chinese wolfberry, chinese angelica, cistanche and other ingredients consisting of health tea, medlar can nourish liver and kidney, eyesight, moistening lung, anti aging. protecting liver, enhance hematopoietic function, improve immunity, cancer and other help. this section of tea, also can personal tailor, depending on your physical fitness and physical defects, to formulate a suitable your tea.

sichuan liangshan buckwheat tea

tartary buckwheat tea is rich in protein and mineral element and the body must be 9 kinds of fatty acids, linoleic acid and other biological active substances, can spleen appetizer, runchang purge, beauty, refreshing refreshing, anti insomnia, anti aging, antioxidant, balance body functions, in collaboration with the magic of the liver, liver and hangover function

yunnan aged pu'er tea seven tea cakes

pu 'er tea mild character, for stomach stimulus is relatively small, containing tea polyphenols such as a variety of wholesome ingredients, the study found that pu'er tea has to clean up the blood and inhibit the role of blood sugar, help to stabilize blood sugar.

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