30 Cool Things You'll See At The World's Largest Crafting Convention

There was lots of cool ephemera and displays showcasing the products. This one was pretty darn awesome!

You better starting collecting old books from the thrift store now if you wanna get this look.

Intricate paper and button art was everywhere!

Someone spent a really long time creating these ornate works in the DCVW booth! They were about 24 x 36 each in size.

There was a really rad tie-dye-covered rainbow wall!

These ladies from the iLoveToCreate booth said they also dip-dyed their own dresses using the Tulip dyes! So cute!

DIY expert Erica Domesek of P.S.-I made this got in on the tie-dye fun!

Erica made this scarf using some new Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Spray and Pens. Erica also hosted the new product preview event at the show.

Color pretty much took the convention by storm…

Bottle brush trees as seen in the Tim Holtz booth.

…there were paints, glitters, and a rainbow of color everywhere you turned!

Admit it, you kinda wish you had a wall of color like this in your studio to play with!

There was also no shortage of bling at the show…

In the Buckle Boutique booth, they sold gigantic sheets of crystal-studded self-adhesive sheets. It sparkled like crazy!

As far as cool products go, there was this cutting machine that turned beer and wine bottles into drinking glasses.

You know you want to get your hands on this!

View this video on YouTube

See how it works here.

This marbling paint felt a little magical!

Crafts where you can't predict the outcome are so cool!

See what I mean?

View this video on YouTube

Here's how they do it.

They even dipped a bike frame in it!

This chalkboard paint for glass is a must-have product to try.

DecoArt, the company that makes this paint, also had a clear chalkboard coating paint that lets anything instantly become a chalkboard surface.

So are these chalkboard-inspired papers with flowers & quotes.

The chalkboard trend isn't going anywhere anytime soon!

This moose puzzle table was pretty eye-catching

They also had a rhino side table on display.

This 3-D printer from CNC Laser had a lot of people stopping and staring…

It made awesome 3-D sculptures like this…

I want the neon bunny STAT!

If you are a washi tape fan, these new tapes in the Scotch booth were fabulous.

So many new patterns in a wide variety of widths and styles.

Queen & Company had some cool ones too!

Please don't drool too much on your screen…

Flowers were all over the convention floor like these from Bo Bunny!

You could find flowers in just about every material, paper, fabric, glitter, wood chips, and more.

And these rainbow burlap ones from Canvas Corp were fun too!

This purse-shaped die-cutting machine called the SophistiCut was pretty rad and reasonably priced ($60 smackers).

Every gal needs a little black purse, right?

It could cut through aluminum…

Another way to recycle your soda cans.

…and thick felts for jewelry like this!

So many possibilities!

Quote and word art was all the rage! It's not going anywhere anytime soon.

These letters accented the Basic Grey booth.

These posters had a self-adhesive backing and smooth finish.

These would be perfect for a dorm room or apartment décor.

There was even huge typography for the wall!

My fave is the square alphabet design.

These metal sheets can be used to create anything from candle wraps to hanging jewelry holders.

I personally want to use them as stencils!

Speaking of stencils, these stencils from Balzer Designs were off the hook!

Seriously click on the link below the pic, you'll be blown away by all the stencils that The Crafter's Workshop makes.

There was a cool air brush system from Preval that used these stencils to create mixed media art

Here's a finished piece using the sprayers and stencils

Camera graphics and art were also big trends at the show.

Ever wonder how to make pinback buttons? They use machines like this from Tecra.

The process is a LOT easier than you would think.

This clock was created using vintage fabrics and a giant Tecre button machine.

These cross-stitch letter buttons also were pretty nifty.

All in all, the show is pretty much the craftiest place on earth!

Altered art pieces in the Ranger Ink booth.

If it can be decopauged…


Pretty typography and phtoography-inspired papers from Bella Blvd.


Cre8time tattoos done in the iLoveToCreate booth. Cre8time is a cool movement that encourages people to craft a little each day to reclaim their creativity!


Pretty charm necklaces from the Sizzix/Ellison booth.

…or be seen as crafty inspiration on Pinterest, you'll find it at this show!

I mean, how cute are these??? Stripey straws always add the Pinterest touch!

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