29 Photos That Only Exist To Fill You With Uncontrollable Happiness

This quokka pic is just one of 29 photos that only exist to fill you with uncontrollable happiness. Plus, FRIDAY! Happy!!!!! – [SavvySugar]

Modern foundation has come a long way; use these tips to apply foundation like a pro! – [Glamour]

Drake wears a wig and a fake beard to ask people on the street what they think of Drake. Classic. – [fuse.tv]

First-time director Gia Coppola (yes, those Coppolas) talks about getting her famous friends to appear in the very promising-looking “Palo Alto,” and making wine with her grandfather. – [DuJour]

Alison Brie and Adam Scott throw a house party in this epic video that's actually a vodka ad. – [AdWeek]

Is butter good for you? Yes. No. Just kidding, yes. I mean no. Maybe just read the post. – [Bon Appétit]

Stephen Colbert on how “Common Core testing prepares students for what they will face as adults: pointless stress and confusion.” – [The Daily Caller]

A new study confirms eating a serving a day of legumes drops your “bad” cholesterol levels—find out how to easily work them into your diet. – [Men's Health]

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