26 Reasons Why Life In Your 30s Is Infinitely Better Than Life In Your 20s

At 30, you’ll have bid farewell to (almost) all of those insecurities about your body.

Finally, after years of internal struggle, you’ll feel comfortable in your own skin.

Which is why you’ll do things to consciously look and feel your best.

Maybe now not all Sunday mornings will be just for chilling, and you won’t find it as hard as you thought it would be to go for a run or a long bike ride.

Maaaaybe, just maybe, you won’t party as hard as you did before.

As time goes by, your need to take *all the shots* of tequila will diminish as you begin to recognize the bliss that is spending a nice quiet evening at home.

And you’ll realize that staying at home doesn’t make you a “loser.”

That book and those Netflix series aren’t going to enjoy themselves.

Your personal confidence will soar.

Being “cool” is not the most important thing in your life anymore.

You’ll be able to criticize “the youth” with confidence…

But nostalgia also becomes an important part of your life…

You know that the best kinds of parties are the parties that blast ’80s and ’90s music.

Your trips are more frequent and way better.

You don’t have to be on a shoestring budget on a cheap beach close to your place anymore. Now, you can afford a life of (limited) luxuries.

You dress better.

You know what looks good and what doesn’t, but you also know that you can wear whatever you want.

You’re so over drama.

Your house looks a lot like a Pinterest board.

Designing your home is a project that fills you with immense happiness.

You don’t find household chores quite so tedious anymore.

Maybe you even like them now. ????

You have fewer and better friends.

And they’re a huge part of what makes your life amazing.

You don’t HAVE to live with roommates.

Your space can be yours and yours only if that’s what you want.

You can give advice based on your “experience.”

Because now you actually have some of that!

You don’t give a fuck about what people say.


Which means you’ve stopped wasting your time with people you don’t care about one bit.

It’s very likely you’ve begun to have a serious love for wine.

White, red, rosé, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s wine.

You’re much more sexy.

You’re in your prime. Enjoy it!

Therefore, you have MUCH better sex.

You know what you like, what you don’t like, and how to get what you want.

And, ideally, you also have more money…

This means that you can give yourself a few treats that before you could only find in your dreams.

You’re not as lost, job-wise.

It’s more likely that your career is going where you want it to go, or that at least you now know what you absolutely do not want.

You realize that everything is temporary.

That both good and bad things pass.

You learn that some things (and people) can’t be changed, and you have to accept that.

That life is too short to worry about things that are not worth it.

And that the world owes you nothing… but you’re okay with that.

This post was translated from Spanish.

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