23 Questions Everyone Asks When They Move To San Francisco

Do you smell weed?

The smell of weed can at times permeate the city. On the bus, in your office stairwell, outside coffee shops…

San Franciscans aren’t shy about sneaking a toke while out and about.

So BART and MUNI aren’t the same thing?

Nope, they’re separate agencies. If you get a Clipper card, you can use it on both, but remember you need to scan it when you enter and leave a BART station.

Just don’t try to use a MUNI transfer pass to get onto BART, because yeah, they’re technically separate.

Is that guy naked?

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Although the city cracked down recently on public nudity, it’s still allowed at organized events like Pride and Folsom Street Fair.

Really, 15 bucks for a salad?

Not only will a salad and juice cost you $20, but you’ll also probably wait in line for at least 20 minutes.

What are they protesting?

It’s pretty common to see groups marching down Market or gathering in front of City Hall.

It’s less common to know exactly what they’re protesting until you get a good view of a legible sign.

Who’s she arguing with?

Yeah, so you’ll probably see someone engaged in a heated argument with no one. They might even be screaming obscenities and throwing punches at their invisible debate partner.

Just keep your headphones in and don’t engage.

Why are there so many Walgreens?

Because people in SF like to live well!

Who’s Karl?

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Karl the Fog, you can follow him on Twitter.

The rent on this apartment is HOW much?

Wanna get an apartment in the city with no roommates?

Be prepared to drop $2500 or more per month on rent.

Should I get a bike?

Owning a car in SF is expensive and inconvenient, definitely get a bike! ????

Isn’t it boring spending all afternoon at Dolores park?

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Um, no.

If you bore easily, then bring a good book or an extra bottle of wine.

How much for a rum coconut?

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Is it safe to eat these weed truffles?

I mean, use your own judgement. Edible marijuana products affect everyone differently.

But, the Truffle Man is pretty well reviewed on Yelp.

Who is this Panda?

Panda is Pablo Sandoval’s nickname, or former nickname, since he’s technically no longer a Giant.

How do you get to the Presidio?

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If you’re headed to the Presidio, be prepared to either take a car or wear your best hiking shoes.

Why was the bus driver so rude?

Probably because you asked a dumb question.

And by dumb question, I mean any question. Bus drivers don’t like explaining the MUNI system to riders. Take a seat and Google it.

What do you mean it’s extra if I want a bag for my groceries?

Yup, we don’t do plastic bags anymore in SF, and if you want a paper one it’s gonna cost $0.10 per bag.

Next time bring a reusable sack when you hit up Whole Foods.

Did I just step in dog or human poop?

Just pretend it was dog poop, clean your shoes, and keep going.

When you live in SF you’re bound to step in shit every now and then.

Where can I get a last-minute costume?

Check your local Walgreens, or for a full costume head out to Fantasy Clothing Company in SoMa.

What exactly is in a vegan burrito?

Probably tofu and black beans, but always ask to be sure!

Is it an uphill walk?

Pretty much everywhere you can walk in SF will involve going uphill at some point.

Does this go in compost or recycle?

Zero waste by 2020 y’all!

Does the weather ever change?

Nope. It’s pretty much like this all year round.

You can never have too many light jackets when you live in San Francisco!

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