2017 especially popular this high technology lighter, easy to use also not expensive, paragraph 6th specific to manly

2017 especially popular this high technology lighter, easy to use also not expensive, 6th unique models manly

fingerprint double arc lighter

fingerprint double arc lighter, continuous creative is in order to have a better experience. technology and aesthetics design, let you in which can become a focal point, imported material, the use of more safe and durable.

double arc lighter

double arc lighter, use of sorts of grinding process, using brushed metal and electroplating process, just in order to be able to offer you comfortable feel, illustrates the quality of brief style sense.

multifunction keychain electronic cigarette lighter

multifunctional keychain electronic cigarette, fashion metal shape, with practical keychain, very simple, combined with security of the tungsten wire cigarette lighter design, embodies the high cost.

usb charging windproof lighters

usb charging windproof lighter, gas windproof design, can withstand several levels of natural wind, using high quality tungsten wire, durable, also have the unique lettering design, carved heart love, keep each other 's memories.

double electric arc rechargeable cigarette lighter

double electric arc rechargeable cigarette lighter, my friend with a lighter and i are using charging lighter, the first time i met loaded to force people convinced oral pretext.

windproof vintage old fashioned lighter black ice dragon playing with a pearl carving

windproof lighter black ice vintage retro carving dragon playing with a pearl, top of the dragon playing with a pearl of the style is very beautiful, very domineering, very vivid design, red diamond very High-end above, very retro style.

kubao original broke lighters

kubao original broke lighters, is also safer than ordinary cigarette lighter, sturdy. german craftsmanship finished, let we have to believe it, it was a let us rest assured also favorite cigarette.

zorro kerosene lighter

zorro kerosene lighter, displaying the domineering man charm, gold colored basalt base lasting use also won 't fade, whether it 's for a friend or for their own use, all seemed stylish and elegant.

fashion usb windproof lighter

fashion usb windproof lighter, the rational use of human body engineering design, make it different, there are soft of fine lines yet tough, practical windproof design make it more to the touch, you also hesitate?

personalized custom photo usb lighters

personalized custom photo usb lighters, can put your favorite lighters, sideslip of styles, special beautiful, very simple style.

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