20 Things We Learned About Modeling From “America's Next Top Model”

Being Fierce Is A Way of Life

Look at how fierce Tyra is. And so graceful. This is the most rudimentary skill you must learn in order to become a Top Model.


For you amateurs, the word “smize” simply means to smile with the eyes. Master this and you're another step closer to becoming Versace's muse. Seriously.

Sometimes Models Face Super Tough Decisions

Like, do you really think parenting your child is more important than your modeling career? You'll never survive in this world if you think the answer to that question is yes.

Can You Model, The Verb Or Are You Just A Model, The Noun?

If you're going to take the fashion world by storm you cannot be a model, the noun. Be the verb.

Dance Awkwardly

Models like Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, Claudia Schiffer and a host of other Top Models before them did this same movement, which catapulted them to superstardom.

Walk As if The Rent Were Due Tonight

This one is pretty obvious. You've gotta have an amazing walk to be a Top Model.

Don't Rest On Pretty

'Cause modeling is way harder than just sitting in front of a camera and getting your picture taken. Never rest on your laurels!

When In Doubt, Tooch Ya Booty!

A model Toochin his/her rear end properly typically leads to them receiving tons and tons of endorsements from the worlds top cosmetic brands. Get to tooching!

Be Exuberant

You've gotta do something to standout. The competition is, for lack of a better word, fierce.

Hoe, But Make It Fashion

It's really great to be versatile as a model.

Don't Be Normal

Because normal is boring.

Don't Be A No-Neck Monster

This is probably the worst mistake you can make as a an aspiring Top Model. Elongate that neck, hunty.

Be Confident

Like, be so confident that you're almost arrogant. Show these other model wannabes that you're here to stay. Intimidate them.

Pose With Your Mouth Slightly Agape

But not like wide open. That is not model-esque.

Play With Your Angles

A model should always be conscious of how their body looks on camera.

Be An Actress

Because in a way, modeling is just like acting. You have to pretend to be someone else.

Model Through The Pain

If a first you don't succeed, keep on walking in your 12 inch stilettos. If you're meant to be a Top Model, you'll persevere.

Model From Head To Toe

A true Top Model works every single bone in their body to get the perfect shot. Utilize every part of your being when you're modeling. Contort your body into the weirdest shape imaginable!

Keep Your Poses “Ugly-Pretty,” Not “Ugly-Ugly”

This is the correct way to pose while being slightly ugly.

See, This Is The Wrong Way To Pose

No “ugly-ugly” poses, okay?

Always Be Ready For An Impromptu Outfit Adjustment

A Top Model has to be ready for everything! You never know when you'll have to turn that cute cocktail dress into a skimpy club outfit.

And There You Have It

The fashion world is yours to conquer now!

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