19 Emo Guys Who Got Your Heart Beating Faster And Faster

Brendon Urie

He’s got the looks, the stellar vocals and the dancing moves. As the last original member of Panic! At The Disco, Brendon was still the first original stealer of many young hearts.

Pete Wentz

Pete rocked the guyliner and emo fringe like no other – and may possibly be the only bassist in the world that’s more lusted over vs. the lead singer. (Sorry Patrick. We still love you).

Gerard Way

If that smile isn’t melting your cold, dead heart then there’s just no hope for you.

Mikey Way

Mama and Papa Way had some pretty damn good genetics going on, because if Gerard wasn’t your style, haaaave you met Mikey?

Frank Iero

OK, OK, My Chem were just an all-round good looking band, and no one could ignore the cheeky charm of Frank Iero.

Jared Leto

Jared Leto’s hot no matter what and that doesn’t change in his days of eyeliner and red-tipped hair. And boy can he sing.

Davey Havok

Sure he was smoldering in the ’00s, but can we take a moment to appreciate this GIF too?!

Bert McCracken

If you needed a break from the prettier, emo lads in pop-punk bands Bert was that filthy, dirty crush you could rely on.

William Beckett

A velvet voice, luscious locks and that adorable little dimple in his chin. What’s not to love?

Oli Sykes

Mr Sykes sums up the emo craze perfectly – from the hair to the tattoos he’s got it all goin’ on.

Tyson Ritter

The All-American Rejects singer just happens to act and model in his spare time, so he’s basically the complete package.

Adam Lazzara

There was nothing quite so sexy as Adam’s voice belting out the choruses to songs like “MakeDamnSure” and “You’re So Last Summer”.

Josh Franceschi

Josh Franceschi is too damn underrated and that beautiful English accent should never be ignored.

Chris Carrabba

Dashboard Confessional just had that knack for hitting you right in those teen feels, ya know?

Andy Biersack

Melting the hearts of teen girls with those beautiful blue eyes since 2009.

Ryan Ross

To say Ryan gave us a fever we couldn’t sweat out is an understatement.

Sonny Moore

Before Skrillex came along, Sonny was the poster child for all teen girls’ fave emo look – that photo is damn iconic.

Jesse Lacey

To not include the dreamy frontman of Brand New on this list would be a travesty.

Alex Gaskarth

Regardless of whether you loved or loathed All Time Low, it’s hard to deny the charm and stupid hotness of Alex Gaskarth.

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