15 DIY Tricks That Are As Good As The Real Thing

1. Make your own bowls out of records!

2. Make an easy travel pillbox with a contacts container.

3. Need a table? Make one using an old suitcase!

4. Here’s a pen holder made out of floppy disks!

5. Need party decorations? Try this cool DIY!

6. Have all your spices organized into cool jars!

7. These adorable matchbook notepads are mini and one of a kind!

amy gizienski / CC BY http://2.0 / Flickr: agizienski

amy gizienski / CC BY http://2.0 / Flickr: agizienski

8. Treat yourself to a relaxing face mask!

9. For all the photographers out there, make your own light box!

10. Bowties for everyone!

11. Add that pop of color to your favorite heels!

12. Make a unique headband out of a zipper!

13. Create an instant piece of abstract art!

14. Make a floral pattern on your jeans!

15. And make your own necklace!

Inspired by Campbell’s Go™ soups! They’re so close to the real thing, you won’t believe it!

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