15 Amazing Natural Hairstyles You Can Actually DIY

Try a temporary hair color with eyeshadow.

Chime used Maybelline Color Tattoo eye shadow in this tutorial.

Or with color spray instead.

ItsMyRayeRaye uses one from Jerome Russell in this tutorial.

If you want something long-lasting, go for a bold permanent color like this pink.

YouTuber SmartistaBeauty has a tutorial here.

Give a little #tbt shoutout with some afro puffs and a zig-zag part.

Angela Lauren aka Loveisbellaaa is entirely too cute in these #tbt puffs. Learn how to do them using her tutorial.

Crochet braids are perfect with Marley hair.

Watch blogger The Brilliant Beauty do these (with an invisible part) in this tutorial.

Or you can switch it up and crochet in some twists instead.

The Brilliant Beauty did this look, too. It’s similar to standard crochet braids, but looks entirely different. Check out her tutorial here.

Ombre braids are perfect, especially in grey.

Learn how to do them here.

This pony hawk is bolder than your average.

This tutorial comes from The Chic Natural.

And kinky-curly wigs can give your own hair a needed break.

They also require far less blending than straight wigs. Jackie Aina rocks one from RPGShowWig in this look, but you can learn how to make your own.

Goddess locs are light and versatile.

Blogger and stylist Donedo uses wavy crochet hair and Marley hair in this tutorial.

And threaded Bantu knots are perfect even pre-knot out.

Watch Naptural85’s tutorial for more wearable Bantu knots here.

This defined chunky flat twist-out pumps up the volume.

Find blogger Samirah Gilli’s tutorial here.

Or you can let your neck breathe with a fly-ass undercut + goddess twist combo.

It’s not as hard as you think. Watch BeautyCutright’s tutorial here.

Can’t commit to an undercut? Try this faux shaved sides updo instead.

Check out Quiesha Jay’s tutorial here.

Or try this braided princess crown if you still wanna show off that hangtime.

Watch blogger MoKnowsHair do the style on her little sister (awww) in this tutorial.

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