14 Stunning After-Dark Photos To Inspire A Late-Night Drive

The lights of Downtown Vancouver bathe Coal Harbour Marina in shimmering colour.

A quiet country road winds its way through the pines of Calgary.

The Alexandra Bridge, gateway between Ottawa and Gatineau, reflects on repeat upon the Ottawa River.

Toronto celebrates the Luminato Festival, with beams of light cast high above the skyscrapers.

A moonlit river rushes through rock in Kananaskis, Alberta.

A hilltop view takes in the speed of the highway heading toward sprawling St. John’s, Newfoundland, below.

A brilliant moon hangs heavy and low over Downtown Vancouver.

Patriotic fireworks explode over Ottawa and its Rideau Canal during Canada Day festivities.

Nature’s awe-inspiring Aurora Borealis illuminates the Rocky Mountains and Lake Minnewanka in Banff, Alberta.

Ontario’s Horseshoe Falls, part of the iconic spectacle that is Niagara Falls, gets a multicoloured boost as it crashes into the river beneath.

The famous Parliament Buildings in Victoria are decorated with over 3,300 lightbulbs to illuminate their stateliness and beautiful 19th century architecture.

Georges Island Lighthouse, perched on Halifax Harbour, glows vividly to guide boats sailing the nighttime sea.

The sprinkling of trees in Quebec City provides a calming respite from the flash of big city lights.

Driftwood and rock weave a path from the beach under a cloud-strewn evening sky in Oakville, Ontario.

There are some pretty scenic perks to staying up late. Venture into the night with Toyota Corolla, and experience it like you’ve never seen before.

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