14 Reasons That Giving Is Better Than Getting At The Holidays

1. Real talk: Giving presents can make you feel pretty good about yourself.

2. It’s rewarding to see someone enjoy something you picked out for them.

3. It brings you closer to the person you’re gifting…

4. …and is a great way to express love for the people in your life.

5. You’re always looking for a reason to go shopping…

6. …and shopping for gifts is basically the best reason.

7. It’s fun to anticipate how much your friends will love their gifts.

8. And then to see your vision come true when they open them.


10. Instead of focusing on the boring gifts your family gives you…

11. …you get to be everybody’s favorite because you give the perfect gifts.

12. You relish in your holiday victory glory for way longer than necessary.

13. Because nothing feels better than knowing that you totally #crushedit in your gift game…

14. …and that you basically won the holidays, because no gift comes close to yours!

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