13 Signs You Are A Bobsledder At Heart

Before we get started, let’s throw on some traditional bobsledding music:

Much better.

1. You could probably watch this for hours on end:

2. Your hatred of being cold is trumped by your appreciation of winter’s majestic scenery.

3. You’re always looking for a way to make sledding more exciting.

4. If your dogs did this, you would literally never go inside again…

5. …and you would probably dress them like this:

6. You just need to make sure they’re team players.

7. In the summer, you’re all about the tandem bike ride.

8. You’ve never turned down an opportunity to both slip AND slide.

9. Basically, you find peace in the face of chaos.

10. Because if a roller coaster is scary, it’s ALWAYS worth waiting in line for.

11. You’d never quit a job that would let you wear this to work every day.

12. And you wouldn’t drive to work… that’s boring. You’d much rather get in a metal tube and shoot through a tunnel at warp speed.

13. Above all else, there’s no greater feeling than hanging out with a few of your buds.

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