128 Thoughts Everyone Has While Trying To Buy Concert Tickets

1. I’m so excited to go to this concert.

2. I wonder who will open.

3. Shoot I forgot my password for this site.

4. Ugh, send me the password reset e-mail.

5. Come on, e-mail, the tickets go on sale in five minutes!

6. Phew, got it.

7. I need to stop using the same password for everything.

8. Ooooh, only four more minutes.

9. I'm nervous.

10. Wait. I don't feel well, I'm so nervous.

11. I really hope I get these tickets.

12. I'll get them, it'll be fine.

13. Shoot, three more minutes.

14. OMG what if I don't get these tickets?

15. I woke up so early for this. And it's Saturday.

16. I'm so not going to be able to fall asleep again after this.

17. Maybe I'll refresh the page to make sure it's not time yet.

18. Nothing.

19. How much are these things, anyway?

20. $200?! LIKE TWO, ZERO, ZERO?!

20. And a processing fee?!

21. These people think they’re funny.

22. Whatever, I really want to go to this.

23. I have to transfer money from my savings.

24. OMG my bank app crashed.

25. There is no time for this I only have two minutes.

26. Math is so hard.

27. I'll just transfer all of it.

28. I hope everyone pays me back.

29. Like, today.

30. Wow, I'm so nervous.

31. The time is going by so slow.

32. I'll refresh again.

33. Refresh.

34. Refresh.

35. Ugh.

36. OMG what if I have the wrong on sale date??

37. No, it’s today.

38. I hope my friends are on their computers by now.

39. One more minute.

40. I should group text them.


42. So nervous.

43. These tickets are everything.

44. I need them.

45. I need to stop freaking out.

46. But what if I really don't get them?

47. Waking up will have been such a waste.

48. Refresh.

49. Someone texted back.

50. Thank goodness they're all awake.

51. Refresh.

52. Ugh.

53. When it pops up I just need to be really fast.

54. Okay, breathe.

55. OMG.

56. I need to calm down.


58. Refresh.

59. Refresh.

60. Why isn't it going?!

61. Refresh.

62. OMG it's been 10 for like, thirty seconds!

63. Refresh.

64. Refresh.


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