12 Things You Do On A Business Trip That You’d Never Do At Home

1. Enjoy a bubble bath with your morning coffee.

Business trips are tiring, OK?! You totally need that extra “you” time — and there’s no annoying roommate to walk in on you and make things real awkward…

2. Order room service for at least one meal a day…

Sure beats cooking…or scarfing an energy bar on the subway…or waiting forever at that snobby restaurant that won’t seat you until your ENTIRE party is there.

3. …and eat it snuggled up in bed.

There are no “adults eat at the kitchen table” rules in your hotel room, sooo…what’s the issue?

4. Speaking of eating. Diet? What diet?

Calories don’t count when you’re traveling. Period.

5. Have a meeting poolside.

Lounge chairs to go over the report, followed by a quick dip to discuss next steps. And perhaps a hot tub sesh to dish on office gossip :).

6. Sprawl shamelessly in the middle of the bed.


7. Join a conference call in the nude.

The perfect time to let that sumptuous (free!) body lotion soak in.

8. Throw your clothes wherever and not think twice about it.

The neat freak in you is chillin’ back home.

9. Use an entire handful of shampoo instead of your standard dollop.

Because more mini bottles will just magically appear tomorrow!

10. And take your sweet time to get ready.

You need some serious QT with towels this fluffy!

11. Jump into bed for a nap between meetings.

→ CRUSHED that presentation →

→ NAILED that deal →

→ What’s next, career?

12. And watch movies until wayyy past your bedtime, because your morning commute is just an elevator ride. 😉

“No jam-packed subway ride that is supposed to be 20 minutes but always ends up being at least 40 for me tomorrow? Man, I could get used to this…”

Business travel is the perfect opportunity to free yourself from routine. Let Hyatt Regency hotels and resorts show you why, sometimes, it’s good not to be home!

Thumbnail images courtesy of Getty Images and Thinkstock.

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