11 Tips To Live Like An Indoorsman

1. If you can’t reach it, invent something that can.

Our ancestors didn’t invent the wheel for us to keep walking.

2. The only time you need to go outside is when you get a text from your duchess…

3. …but always remember a warm hug from a cosy sweater is just as good.


4. Have extra controllers.

In case one of them breaks while you’re celebrating the sweet taste of victory.

5. Eat like a caveman.

Eating like our fellow cavemen gets us in touch with our fellow instincts.

6. Dust the crumbs out of your beard.

It’s less creepy when you do it yourself.

7. Leave an extra shirt by your chair so you don’t have to get up.

Only n00bs pause games to find a clean shirt.

8. Maximise comfort and blood flow with the perfect pair of house slippers.

You have the right to bear feet, but trust us: Slippers are the way to go!

9. Stay in touch with your wild side.

Let loose and get trippy!

10. Get a plant!

It improves the room’s oxygen so you never have to open a window and smell outside.

11. Double up on freshener if your stench is too strong.

For those days you haven’t showered. (We won’t tell anyone.)

Pwn the indoors like the master indoorsman that you are with Febreze.

Video available at: http://youtube.com/watch?v=-BfTm0Ow1Oc.

All images via P&G

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