11 Reasons Why The World Isn’t Going To End

1. Because who else is going to pull Santa’s sleigh:

2. Because there are two more movies in the Hobbit Trilogy:

3. Because you finally got into a comfortable sitting position:

4. Because you finally learned how to tie a tie and it would be a shame for all your hard work to go to waste:

5. Because you haven’t finished reading all 1079 pages of Infinite Jest yet:

6. Because you haven’t finished your sandwich yet:

7. Because you haven’t learned how to surf yet.

8. Because there’s no way you’re getting out of paying your taxes:

9. Because this kitty believes that love is better than the end of all things:

10. Because the Cubs STILL haven’t won the World Series:

11. And of course because Ryan Gosling won’t let it happen:

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