11 Irritating Things That Drive Designers Crazy

1. When people don’t understand that there are so many different kinds of designers.

“Yes, I’m a designer. No, I don’t do typography… I’m an Industrial Designer. No, I don’t build factories…”

2. When someone gives you direction over your shoulder.

We don’t come into your cubicle and tell you how to make spreadsheets.

3. When you spend hours just trying to decide if a project is done yet.

“It looks done, but it doesn’t feeeeeeel done.”

4. When people ask for free designs.

This especially includes wedding invitations and a logo for a friend of a friend’s cousin.

5. When you have to wait an eternity for a tiny, little thing to render.

IT IS THE YEAR 2014! Why does it still take so long?!

6. When clients say, “I’ll know what I want when I see it.”

This isn’t helping anybody.

7. When your eyes are assaulted by bad work.

Oh, the humanity.

8. When clients ask if you can “whip something up real quick.”

We’re not kitchen utensils. That’s not how this works.

9. When you see a poorly designed structure and wish you could erase it from the planet.

You know you could create something so much better.

10. When you’re sent massive layered files to dig through.


11. When someone rips off one of your designs.

There’s a special place in hell for thieves.

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