10 Salads For People Who Hate Salads

1. Did you know that if you put the phrase “Country-Style Smashed Potato” in front of “salad,” it makes it 10 times cooler?

Your granny will be so proud of you.

2. What’s a picnic without a pasta salad?

The sun-dried tomatoes add a fun contrast in color.

3. Need a little mix-and-match salad? Layered Salad-ations is the perfect solution for you.

Because you deserve options!

4. Keep your party pleased with some Honey-Herb Chicken & Spinach Salad.

Seriously, the right kind of dressing for a salad can go a long way. Then y’all can do the chicken dance. 🙂

5. All the cool kids are making the Cool Lemon Turkey Salad.

Nobody wants to eat a boring ol’ salad at the beach… UNLESS it’s hearty with some lemon zest! Bring the lemonade too.

6. The Easy Mediterranean Salad only takes 10 minutes to make! You’ve got time for that, right?

Whoa. And get this… olives and tuna go AWESOME together. Trust.

7. Want an alternative to a traditional potato salad this summer? The Thai Pepper Salad is exactly for you.


8. If you ever have the chance to put marshmallows in a salad, you need to take that opportunity and run with it!

Because who says salad can’t also be a dessert?

9. For a super salad filled with deliciousness, try the Layered Quinoa Power Salad.

OK, so maybe quinoa is hard to pronounce at first, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying it!

10. And don’t forget about tuna salad! It’s a classic.

Make it your own with the one-of-a-kind MIRACLE WHIP Dressing. #Proudofit

All images courtesy of Kraft.

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